Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TyL: Levelling 1-60 Cataclysmically

* mostly Kalimdor edition

1) Some stuff's new, some's the same, some's just moved, everything flows a lot better.

2) If you're a sentimentalist, Darkshore is quite possibly the most depressing place to level. At least, Alliance side.

3) Remtravel is still an idiot. Getting to build a Murloc Village complete with Michigan J. Frog Murloc celebrants: awesome!

4) Yes, lets arm the Grimtotems. That will end well.

5) Oh, you Alliance backstabbers and Horde peons that let them use you to kill off a moderate General who ordered his troops to let the civilians of Taurajo escape... and then kill the son of another turning him into a massive warmonger ready to raze you all to the ground.

6) Stood in the Fire. Almost twice. The crumby part of this particular "event" is that the fire persists for 5 minutes or so and you can end up trapped on respawn waiting for it to despawn so you can get anything done. The first time it occurred it killed the boss mob I was fighting though, so free credit: YAY!

7) There are far too many people who say they're going to meet me again that... never show their faces again...

8) I'm on a Boat!

9) Wait... I'm handing this Doomgem to Magatha Grimtotem instead of running like mad because.... Oh, yeah... boss with 100M health...

10) Tanaris is much nicer with more than one quest hub. But then it hands you off to Un-Goro at 49 and the mobs there are all 50-54 and you'll frequently be up against 52/53 orange mobs until you catch up. Somehow Kalimdor levelling in that bracket got kinda messed up because there was no breadcrumb in the zone to take me elsewhere once I'd finished up (likely because I finished up below the cap for Silithis), and they never tried to redirect me elsewhere or back north either unlike other zones.

11) I suspect you're supposed to come into Swamp of Sorrows from the Burning Steppes backdoor now because the zone otherwise plays out backwards; starting at the Goblin camp on the coast and then back to the Drae camp inland instead of from Deadwind Pass inwards.

12) If you fell in love with the Northrend Murlocs in LK - particularly the tadpoles - you might want to skip the coastline of Blasted Lands where the local branch have been conquered by Naga and are being used as slaves at best, other unfortunate tadpoles are being pit against each other and bet on in Gladitorial pit fights in the middle somewhere, and being fed to a demon at worst.

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  1. I loled @ "other unfortunate tadpoles are being pit against each other and bet on in Gladitorial pit fights in the middle somewhere"

    I've seen them!! I was in BL looking for the glowy crabs before the glitch got fixed by blizz. It was unfortunate, to be sure, but also kind of funny..