Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Infodump: Troubleshooting

  1. Is your Macbook Pro behaving as if the Left Click is always on? If yes, proceed to:

  2. Does your trackpad not click anymore; behaving as if there's a huge dead spot in the middle and only responding on the absolute corners? If yes, proceed to...

  3. Is the undercover pushing away from the body? If yes, try removing cover, remove battery.

  4. Replace cover. Do not replace battery.

  5. Is your trackpad clicking/behaving normally now? If yes, proceed to

  6. Is the OS still behaving as if the Left Click is on? If no, proceed to...

  7. Your battery is likely defective, bulging, and applying pressure on the underside of the trackpad; compressing it and simulating a click. Do not continue to use battery: take the laptop in for confirmation and replace immediately (preferably under warranty).

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Link Storage...

Big Red Kitty, of Hunter-crafting fame, has popped out of retirement to fiddle with the Alpha at the request of the Design Team apparently. The resulting blog is amusing in it's own way.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


No servers + no TV makes Davey go somethin... somethin...

Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page finds that the government's plan to keep people in jail longer (and more people as well), has the potential to cost lots of money. No shit. This is a basic hospitality equation:

Take A people per room, divide that outta B (total occupants), each grouping staying an average of C days, and over that period you will need X rooms and Y amount of staff to service/maintain/operate them.

Now, when you start playing with C that whole equation starts to implode or explode really quick because you can't adjust A, unless you're prepared to go back to 1800's style room cramming, B isn't going to change (and the intent of the act is to increase it) so, when your A's who used to book January to June are now staying until September instead.... well, all of a sudden your A+2's need a new room to stay in for three months just to manage your current load.

Which means more rooms. More staff to run them. More expenses overall. Especially when you start adding the word "Security" in front of them.

This is fucking first year Hospitality Management stuff and we've a government that wants to pretend it won't happen because admitting you're about to double operating costs and send a massive bill down the road to the Provincial Parliaments you're not prepared to fund goes against message and might not float with people who would otherwise be on side. But, hey, expecting honesty and accountability from a politician is probably too much to ask.

Now, Leverage-ing...