Monday, January 3, 2011

CBC Radio 3 Playlist: New Year Update

Picking up where we left off...

The Get Down - Dirty Power
Eddie Orso - Moving Straight
Pathological Lovers - Storm Your Little
Women - Group Transport Hall
Jasper Sloan Yip - Kiddo
Rock Plaza Central - My Children Be Joyful
New Country Rehab - Angel Of Death
Death from Above 1979 - Little Girl
Sea Ballast - I Don't Care
The Pack a.d. - B.C. Is On Fire
Silly Kissers - Thinking Of You
Melissa McClelland - Passenger 24
Ready Set Die - Face First
Caffeine Sunday - Plane
The Soft Province - Thin Ocean
The Hidden Cameras - In The Na
Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim
Emma-Lee - Until We Meet Again
Ladyhawk - (You Are My) Hellfire
The Arcade Fire - Haiti

The Super Friendz - Let You Go Cold
Champion - Guy Doune (Patrick Watson's Missing You remake)
Gobble Gobble - End Of Days
HotKid - Yours and Mine
Winter Gloves - Factories
The Tranzmitors - Live A Little More
Faunts - M4 (p.II)
A Northern Chorus - Remembrance Day
Great Lake Swimmers - Pulling On A Line
Said The Whale - Out On The Shield
Record Of The Week Club - On The Street
Attack In Black - Half Moon On The City High
The Creepshow - Creatures of the Night
Maybe Smith - Hearts Like Bears
Colette Trudeau - I Don't Wanna Know
The Lovely Feathers - Pope John Paul
Great Lake Swimmers - Gonna Make it Through This Year
Blurtonia - Foxy by Proxy
Jody Glenham - Snow In New York City
Paper Lions - Lost The War
Jason Collett - A Beguiled Christmas in Sales
Shimmering Stars - Sun's Going Down
The Shilohs - Carolina
Jay Crocker - Falling Out of Windows
The Arcade Fire - Ready To Start

My favourite song in the list is still Maybe Smith's "Crimes and Diplomacy": an eclectic song - moving from a sort of choral dirge into... what?... electronica power pop?... before finishing out in regae - that simply holds together so well lyrically and musically that I just can't get it out of my head sometimes. "I have to take each murder as a sign that I can't believe in you" has become one of my favourite lyrics ever. It's the kind of song that's thoroughly awesome in its uniqueness yet you know it could never get radio play because it jumps through so many genres that it just doesn't "fit" anywhere in the standard pantheons of station ID's.

Anyways, currently running 78 songs. That ought to blow most of a workday.

Restating the rules: what's gone is gone, I'll patch in new stuff whenever I get around to it, the list is not guaranteed to be worksafe at any time. Not intentionally so, mind you, I just can't be bothered filtering for a problem that can be solved with a set of earphones.

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