Monday, February 14, 2011

TyL: I Think my Wedding's Gonna be Small...

... should I ever get around to it.

I mean, really.... budgeting $25000 and spending $60000? Yeah, you know what? I'd rather put a downpayment on a nice house with that money to celebrate and hold a little pot-luck family and friends wedding in the back yard.

More importantly, how does one "budget" $25K for the event and then simply not notice they spent $35K, including lump sums like $6K on the wedding dress and $3K on the tux, on top of that? That's not exactly chump money, that's mid-tier luxury car money. The thing about the story is that it's still so outrageously over the top in terms of the money that went out and was shrugged at that, even in comparison to the billionaire weddings the writer tries to counter-balance with, I honestly can't see that union being that of a box packer and cashier. More like Doctor and Lawyer maybe.

When the media tries to set the bar of "perfection" or "normalcy" this high, you begin to see why more folks are happily living common-law these days.

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