Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RftP: Spring Movie List

Yeah, this has been kinda quiet lately - mostly because there's been very little I've been absolutely sold on seeing. Sooo, quick rundowns on things I probably will see in the next 3 months... and some stuff I'm gonna avoid like the plague. Note that since it's essentially a list of things I'm interested in, it's not remotely all-inclusive.

Starting on the 4th, I'm totally catching Rango and The Adjustment Bureau; the former because the trailers have been awesome and the later 'cause it's Matt Damon in a sci-fi action/thriller which tends to be a good mix.

The 11th brings us Battle: Los Angeles which I might see simply to contrast it against Skyline, the movie accused to have ripped off the premise from and paid for itself by doing the CGI work for the former. Disney's next CGI flick, Mars Needs Moms, might grab my attention too.

On the 18th, Limitless looks like good fun, though my gut tells me I can run off the plot points right now. Paul, featuring Simon Peg and Nick Frost on the run with an Area 51 Alien might be more down my path.

The end of the month, 25th, brings Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch to screens and, given the dearth of anything else of note looking to play that week, is probably what I'll see if I go for anything.

Opens up on the 1st with Source Code staring Jake Gyllenhaal but, more importantly, directed by Duncan Jones who brought us the hugely under-seen sci-fi psychological thriller Moon. I'll be seeing this and probably nothing else this week because the rest of the sched outside of maybe Super looks dire.

The following weeks, 8th and 15th, looks like a dumping ground - there's an Arthur remake starring Russell Brand here and an attempt to resurrect the Scream franchise with a 4th instalment... While Hanna might be interesting this will likely be time off.

April 22 at least brings a film with an interesting premise, though I probably still won't see it. Apollo 18 jumps into the "found footage" horror genre with the idea that the mission actually happened, but what we found up there wasn't just rocks. I'd see it simply 'cause I like the concept, but I'm not really a shakey-cam scary movie guy.

Finally, the 29th brings us the 5th Fast and Furious movie which adds Dwayne Johnson to the cast and I'll probably see because I likes me a good car chase.

The 6th opens up the month, and kicks off the "Summer" with Thor. Yeah. Going. Because this is either going to be awesome or a clusterfuck of glorious proportions and I'm sure as hell not going to miss the chance at partaking in either.

Things look kinda dire until the 20th when we get the 4th Pirates movie: On Stranger Tides which, having finally shed the love story screen time Bloom and Knightley's characters demanded, promises us pure un-interrupted Captain Jack Sparrow; which may either be awesome or an overdose. Gonna see it and find out.

Next week, the 27th, brings The Hangover Part II which I'll probably see despite the reality that I'm not sure it's gonna hit as hard the second time through. Gonna find out though.

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