Saturday, June 29, 2013

Japan Trip 2: Video Roundup

In which I toss everything I shot video of in one post and state the obvious.

From Day 2, we have a panoramic shot of Osaka shot from the top of the Floating/Sky Garden Observatory:

Here comes Day 3 where we wander through the Inner Courtyard, Todaiji Temple in Nara and the Outer Courtyard of Horyuji Temple in Horyuji:

Day 4 found some armour in Himeji Castle:

On Day 5, I go street wandering, and find a small garden pond:

The 6th Day sees all sorts of stuff: The Silver Pavilion Grounds, the Heian Shrine and a couple of it's garden ponds, and a shot from the patio of Kiyomizudera Temple. Oh, and someone else playing Border Break on a live video feed:

Jumping ahead to Day 9, we have some maintenance being done on the outer walls of the Imperial Palace, the inner bailey entrance to the Eastern Garden of the Imperial Palace, and the pond within the garden itself:

aaaaaannnnnnddd we finish up on Day 11 with some kind folks making really good candy:

That's that folks. Back to my random posting habits. Enjoy.

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