Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 7: Laundry and Travel Day

Not much happened today. Checked out of my hotel and dropped by the coin laundry in Gion to clean everything up. 1000 Yen to wash and dry everything, but when you consider room rate at the hotel was 500 yen/shirt, welllllll. Speaking of which, these are superwasher/dryer combos that have their own soap as well. Also in the laundry, though I don't try it, is a shoe washer/dryer.
Done in an hour, I grab some lunch:
which I think I undercooked on occasion by not fully realizing until too late I needed to break the meat down into smaller bits so the pan would cook it through.

I stop by Bic Camera on my way out of town where I rage at the fact that Japan gets all the best video games after catching trailers for Freedom Wars and Earth Defense Force 4:

Some wiki'ing says EDF 4 is coming eventually but come on! The 3 people who own 360's in Japan get to squash giant ants with mecha before I do?

This world is flawed as fuck.

First world problems out of the way, time to hop a shinkasen to Tokyo where I check into my hotel and then pop out for a quick burger:
and call it a night.

Tomorrow's forecast: sunny, chance of being in the clouds.

PS: every bathroom should have a baby locker. Get on that people!

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