Saturday, August 13, 2011

WoW: On That Whole Tier Shoulders/Head Thing...

Hey, do you remember when you had to grind through BGs to get Arena gear just to gear up to raid in Burning Crusades because no one wanted to run dungeons with scrubs in greens and blues trying to gear? Lets just say where we're at is still an improvement, though arguably weaker than Lich King where everything and the kitchen sink was available to you late game. Still it strikes me that there's room for compromise here and my compromise potentially kills two birds with one stone.

The primary complaint, other than people whining they can't get Cataclysmically Epic due to living in some dream state where 3.3 isn't likely to bring 5 man Dungeons with iLvL's greater than 353, is the need to grind through a whole Raid clear in all cases to get these pieces. (Hell, I've got them and I can't be arsed to want to do those dungeons again after 8 months to help new guildies get them either). So, lets potentially shorten that grind; somewhat.

How? Consider the following: as we move through the tiers we have this little raid over in the corner called Baradin Hold that slowly accumulates two things: bosses that have current tier Leg/Glove drops and bosses that have last tier's Leg/Glove drops that no one really wants to waste time killing anymore as we move forward. Especially now that you can buy both of those in a couple productive days of dungeoning. That later reality is not a new problem either, it's one that goes all the way back to our initial incarnation in Wintergrasp and not even nifty achievements put a dent in the attitude.

So, let's do this to try and provide another way to get your Head and Shoulder pieces and incentivize killing the lonely BH bosses: as we move forward and you can buy your Tier Legs and Gloves from JP, remove those pieces from the appropriate BH boss and update the loot tables with the Head and Shoulder pieces.

Still random, still requires some raiding, but moderately more accessible to those who don't have time on their sched for full clears of legacy content.

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