Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WoW: It's not the map, it's you...

Lets get some things out of the way.

If you're getting trained in WSG, it's not because of the map: it's because you're not defending the flag carriers or being aggressive enough yourself.

If you're getting steamrolled in AB, it's not because of the map: it's because you're spread out all over the place and the other side is focusing you down.

If you're getting 4 capped in EOTS, it's not because of the map: it's because you're too damned focused on that distraction in the middle that doesn't matter unless you can control towers.

If you're getting bottled up in the North in AV, it's not because of the map: it's more than likely because you all charged Galv like lemmings and got your asses wiped by defenders backing him up. Which you've been doing for 4 years now because you're too damned stubbornly focused on treating AV like it needs to be attacked in a straight line and on what "gives honour!!!!!".

I'd do the new ones but I burnt out on people doing stupid shit while grinding honour a long time ago.

There's a saying in programming called PEBKAC. It stands for: "Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair" - ie: the User. ie: You.

People like to focus on "Win Ratios" and hair brained arguments about the maps to hide this reality because it's more self-gratifying to believe it's someone else who's causing you to fail than to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, the problem is that you're not doing what needs to be done to win the map. I've played enough BG's to know that's the actual reality. You're not defending ground. You're not countering or adapting to your enemies attacks. For fucks sake, you're standing there wailing on DPS while Healers are behind them laughing at your efforts and keeping them at full. For future reference: Healers die FIRST.

So I'm here for a reality check to tell you to give up the whining because the problem is you. You need to figure out how to attack the maps properly, to deal with your enemies appropriately, and find the capacity to actually work together towards a goal instead of run around the map like you're the avenging angel of God who's going to win it single handedly. I say this because it doesn't matter how amazing you think Blizzard is at making games, the simple reality is that the DEV's just can't fix stupid.

And you are.

Addendum: and hey sometimes they're just simply better than you. Deal with it.

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