Sunday, May 15, 2011

TyL: Leveling 1-70 Horderifically...

I was going to do this as a 1-85 but, given how much overlap in quest content I can see ahead, I think I'm gonna be a bit leisurely about getting that done. Soooo, off we go:

1) The Goblin starting zone is ok but to be honest neither of the new ones did it for me in the same sense that the DK Zone did.

2) Brutusk alternated between an interesting way to do the hub transportation mechanic they introduced here and a kinda frustrating annoyance that all this fighting is going on and you're basically just sitting there for a minute watching a Kodo and it's current Rider do it all for you.

3) Internal Blizzard Bitch Duty: "Please take these Alliance quests, change names (Horde NPC's), adjust context (Horde-ish reasons), reuse targets", or vice versa.

4) No one who played through new North STV can argue they didn't see at least Zul'Gurub coming. If they try, please note that they're completely obtuse to story plotting and you should avoid talking about such things with them lest you go mad with frustration.

5) Speaking of plots... which instance gets revamped or Raid occurs to deal with all/some of Sylvanis' machinations? I doubt we'll have to wait another expansion for the tail end of Koltira/Thessarian's story at least. Also: if Sylvanis is heading for Raid Boss status, does this mean she and Jaina Proudmoore had a pre-Scourge "experimental phase" at Dalaran U?

6) New Searing Gorge is a thousand times more fun than old Searing Gorge. Spider Surfing! "Ugh! Why are you WET!"... ok... that particular chain was just wrong...

7) Going from New Cat City back into Outland without knowing the Horde quest flow really drives home just how wrongheaded they had quest structure back then. Outlands is full of quest hubs... everywhere... with overlapping area quests... at different hubs...

While you can see shades of where things were going (smaller hubs, theoretically less travel), in terms of back tracking and having to memorize which chains overlap from which hubs every zone is like refined Classic Questing at it's worst. If all they did was pick up the quest(s) (givers) and actually get the ones in the same area at the same hub so you're not running around the zone consolidating your quest list to prevent backtracking to places you've already cleared through they'd improve that experience dramatically.

8) Goblins can't tread water without sucking it up their noses. Really.
Hopefully they fix that. The worst part is that I can't get on a flying mount either because it doesn't think I've "surfaced" as well.

9) God, Garrosh starts out as a whiney bitch, doesn't he? I can see why everyone was thrilled to have him declared Warchief. Actually, there's a shit ton of Orc lore in the Outlands. I'm tempted to go back and complete a bit more of it in there but... most of it seems to be of the "redemption" variety and gets kinda repetitive after a while; even if it is entirely justified by "history".

10) It's no wonder that Frost Mages are feared on the PvP field: their mobility and control is insane. Playing one is like driving a zippy little Panzer Tank that's going to knock the treads out from under anything else that challenges it and then pick the chassis apart at its leisure from the hill over yonder.

Likewise, it's no wonder they can't get PvE balance right with it. When the bread and butter filler/setup spell does 20% more damage under optimum conditions in PvP but can't achieve that benefit when Raiding because Bosses don't root (in general), then it presents a rather large problem: every other DPS button is instant cast so strengthening those just makes the spec even more mobile, meanwhile jacking Frostbolt itself means that it goes BOOM even harder in PvP... insane when you can line it up with a Fingers Ice Lance and/or Brain Freeze to annihilate something in 3-4 GCD's, and removing the buff to bake the damage back in elsewhere drops the "skill cap" on the spec to the point where Finger's ensures there's really no synergy between the Root nature of the spec and any of it's DPS talents anymore.

I suppose Deep Freeze was intended to address this on bosses but being a 30 second cooldown means DPS output becomes fairly spike-ish instead of the reasonably consistent output you can get from otherwise rotating your roots on a mob and Frostbolt bursting it.

Quite the conundrum.

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