Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TotD: Ladies...

... and, to a lesser extent one supposes, Men:

"Smelling Good" is worthwhile.

"Smelling Good" from 5' away - especially when it persists when you leave, is cloying and stick in the back of your nasal cavity irritation inducing - is nose pollution. When we're hoping you'll stop pretending you don't fart in the faint hope the conflicting smells will cancel each other out, you're going equally wrong.

Test it first people. Preferably with a neutral third party who's not going to bullshit you because, when some chemicals simply produce stronger sensory reactions than others, not all "dabs" are equal. As it stands, some of you are walking around slathered in the fruity equivalent of methyl mercaptan blissfully unaware that most of us want you nearby just about as much as we want to stay in the building when that chemical does it's job of telling us the Natural Gas is leaking.

Please stop.

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