Thursday, March 24, 2011

CBC R3 Playlist: Spring 2011 Edition

A.C. Newman - Drink to Me Babe, Then
Caribou - Odessa
Colette Trudeau - I Don't Wanna Know
Great Lake Swimmers - Pulling On A Line
Jason Collett - A Beguiled Christmas in Sales
Jay Crocker - Falling Out of Windows
Jenny Whiteley - Indoor Lightning
The Mountains & The Trees - All Together Now (For The Holidays)
A Northern Chorus - Remembrance Day
Plants And Animals - Lola Who?
The Shilohs - Carolina
Shimmering Stars - Sun's Going Down
Jody Glenham - Snow In New York City

Mathew Joel - Where Are We?
Emm Gryner - Black-Eyed Blue Sky
Local Rabbits - Missing Out
The Liptonians - You Know I Did
Hey Rosetta! - A Thousand Suns
Stars - My Favourite Book
Lady Hayes - So Young
Laura Peek and the Winning Hearts - Stay Sharp
Selina Martin - Public Safety Management
The Love Machine - Love Is On Your Side
The High Dials - Fields in Glass
Elk - Shaking Hands
Pat LePoidevin - The Moonwolf Departure
Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy - True Love Killed My True Love's Love For Me
Imaginary Cities - Say You
Gramercy Riffs - Oh Linda!
Foam Lake - Die Fighting

Mostly pulling slower songs, or ones that began to grate like Trudeau's, and replacing them with more uptempo or experimental stuff leading to a slight increase to 83 songs and ~6 hours of playtime to be found, as usual, over here.

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