Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TyL: You Can't Just Slap Things On Top of Fries & Curds & Call Yourself a "Poutinerie"

Dear New York Fries,

It is with regret that we must inform you that you are failing miserably in your effort to get into the whole "Poutinerie" business in which places like Smoke's have carved out a niche with custom toppings for their Poutine. There are a few reasons for this, which shall now be provided:

1) Smoke's remembers that, at the core, they're making poutine: which is fries with curds + gravy to melt it. You drop the gravy to be replaced your various toppings and hope it can do the same job; which it often can't because...

2) ... the toppings - particularly the pulled pork I tried tonight which formed up in the surface - are not liquid enough to get down into the body of the poutine and get to the cheese. This is where the gravy comes in to actually make the cheese curds melt but now you end up with just the top surface curds melting and the bottom ones never getting touched because...

3) ... of your insistence on throwing some chips in a basket and then hammering an ice cream scoop of cheese curds down on top as one solid mass. When your toppings aren't liquid enough to penetrate and melt that, you end up with unmelted curds at the bottom and none of the gooeyness you'd expect from poutine. If you'd separate the curds amongst the fries, you'd be better able to come at them from all sides and get them all to melt. With the right liquid heat source.

There are ways to address these issues, but they all involve realizing that what worked for when you were just doing basic poutine doesn't work when you're trying to throw steak chunks on top and you need to either make poutine, and then add steak chunks, or put a whole lot more thought into how you're going to get your curds to melt properly from your steak topping.

That said, we do appreciate that at least you've never tried (to our recollection), to make poutine with crispy fries...

Unlike some people.


Concerned Poutine Lovers.

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