Thursday, May 24, 2012

FiM: Your Segment is Over There.... Way Over There....

As if Uggs for Men wasn't wrongheaded enough, someone in R&D thought the next breakthrough segment was is the realm of wedding shoes (you will have to select the Australia Store to view).

Because, as we all know, sheepskin boots/slippers coated in sparkles/fluff hair is exactly what every women has secretly been craving to reach for on her wedding day.

But, hey, I'm a guy. What do I know. I could even conceivably be wrong here. Personal experience says otherwise though: the wedding day is the one day most girls - even the most non-girly girl ones - actually want to go girly-girl. In a dressy way, not a "something I'd wear to lounge around the house" way and, while I'm sure Uggs could design a wedding shoe using their staple components, all they've really done here is bleach the basic model white, coat them in sparklys and/or throw some gems on the side, and add extra fluff.

In other words: they've taken comfort wear and dressed it up as gaudy shit that runs up to $225 Australian. The list of people who aren't paid to want that who'll want it is not likely to be that long.

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