Sunday, February 19, 2012

TotD: Douchebagicus Gameramus

Easily identified by their frequent use of the word "Casual" as an insult without any sense of irony or the impression of self-absorbed asshole they're giving out. This animal is often found screaming to high heaven about "how easy the game is!!!!!!" whilst hiding behind a level one alt softly nuzzling their links to Elitist Jerks in the belief that knowing where it is and having read it somehow makes them similarly 'l33t, despite never stepping foot inside a raid.

Mostly harmless- unless you invite them to a run. Then they will likely die to their own stupidity and inability to follow instruction or accommodate the current situation whilst cursing you all as "fails" for not keeping their awesome rotation tunnelling skills alive. As such, best avoided and left in the corner where you found them, quietly mumbling about events that either never happened or are now filtered through nostalgia glasses 30' thick.

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