Thursday, February 16, 2012

GP: The Burger's Priest.

The Burger's Priest caught a little buzz last week here in TO thanks to picking up a Zagats ranking of third on places to eat in Toronto. With locations out in Scarborough on Queen East and between Lawrence and York Mills on Yonge, here's what you need to know:

1) If you're the kind of person who expects to walk in, get your burger in 1 minute, and go sit down: you're missing the point. This is not McDonalds: everything is cooked to order so you best be prepared to wait a bit.

2) Whether or not it's the "best burger you've ever had" is subjective and perhaps a bit hyperbolic. You'd have to have pretty specific taste buds to not at least say that it's good comfort food though 'cause it is. Just a basic simple ground beef burger topped to your specs and cooked until it's done. In the "what was in here that was going to kill you is now dead" sense, not the "charred to a crisp" sense. So, it stays nice and juicy with a good amount of flavour. (note that this is the default, if you want well done, ask for it)

Its not a place I'd eat at all the time, but it's definitely one of those worth poking your head into now and then to treat yourself to a nice snack.

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