Sunday, October 17, 2010

WoW: Dear Hunters...

Soooo, I'm kicking around Shola on my hunter gathering up herbs for my Incriptor and all of a sudden my pet dings as I harvest a node and I'm like: "WTF?"

Oh... yeah, we get Experience for herbing/mining now*. For example:
about 2.5K pet Experience for a single Adders Tongue node. In the process of filling a 20 Slot bag, while wacking a few mobs that got in the way, I took my Devilsaur from 77 to 79 and about 6 slots into the next bag he was 80. Not bad for about an hour and a half's work.

From what I can see:
Herb Node Experience to Pet
(P at 77, H at 80, Herb maxed)
Goldclover + Tiger Lilly 1100 Exp
Adder's Tongue 2611 Exp
Lichbloom + Icethorn 2530 Exp

Talendra's Rose and "Frozen Nodes" are out of the way so I can't be bothered. Note also that, at 78, my Devilsaur was only getting 2457 from Adder's Tongue nodes so there's definitely a sliding scale in effect here but the best nodes to farm for Exp. appear to be AT, LB, and IT. Presumably mining nodes will provide similar numbers based on what colour they are to you at the moment, but I'm not levelling mining to find out what they are.

TLDR- "Pro-Tip": if you've a pet to level and mats to harvest - get it out.

* Note: when Cat actually hits, this will also apply to Archeology finds as currently stands.

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