Sunday, November 15, 2009

On Boss Mods

There's really only three main ones worth mentioning, two that have been around for a while and one that's fairly newish. BigWigs was good for a while, but circa 3.2 has seen it's reputation drop. Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) is the defacto standard in that it does what needs to be done and does it well enough.

However, these days Deus Vox Encounters pisses all over both of them in many ways. The timers are right on and there are multiple directional arrows built in to help you avoid directional/mobile damage like the spikes on Anub, the propagating terror effect in P2 Yogg, or the Burning Bile's on Northrend Beasts. The only place it fails is in it's sound effects: they're frequently too quiet/short/fracking cute* to effectively communicate something bad is happening now or, particularly, what kind of bad it is. Especially if you're used to DBM's reuse of infamous get the fuck out chants like "Run Away Little Girl". It's still highly worth using, and I found I could through trial and error get some stuff to audibly alert the way I wanted or figure out what I was supposed to be listening for, but it's really just a proper sound mix away from being perfect out of the box.

* quite a few are straight out of R2's vocabulary, although the one you're most likely to disable is the FF Victory tune on boss death.

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