Friday, November 13, 2009

10 Things You Learn: Doing Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms + Kalimdor

  1. Cataclysm can't blow up the old world soon enough. Once you've done the 2nd quest chain that's taken you across 5 zones and two continents you realize just how god awful the classic questing layout was. It's not worth saving. (ps: this is why Blasted Lands is getting a revamp despite the fact no one would notice if it didn't - the only real quest chain there requires you to go spend an hour in Azshara. Now, since Azshara's about to become a lvl 10-20 zone...)
  2. There's a quest in the Badlands where the quest item has a drop rate roughly equivalent to a Dark Whelpling. Seriously. I'm not making this up. And it's for a bloody green reward.
  3. Flight is going to be a godsend for doing whatever future equivalent is implemented in Cataclysm as I won't be surprised if the current Loremaster title becomes a Feat of Strength given the pending quest changes. It took me about twice as long for each of these two zones to knock off the ~375 quests I had left to do in each as it took me to catch up on the ~300 quests I had left in Outlands (time spent waiting on a GM to sort out a bugged quest notwithstanding). Most of that difference can be allocated to riding/flight time differences.
  4. Lowbies can take a rather haughty attitude towards a LVL 80 roaming around "their" zone. I eventually reached a point where the next person self-righteously implying that I was merely there to get in their way and for no other logical reason was going to be offered the option of having me doing just that for a bit. 'cause trust me, after spending an hour or so running up and down the main road in Darkshore, you're definitely going to be ready to be an asshole to someone. Especially when you wave, get rejected upon inviting, jump up and down, and generally get tired of waiting for them to engage that escort quest they're now reaming you for starting for yourself...
  5. If those Blasted Lands quests were how you used to get "flasks", Vanilla Raiding can go fuck itself. Getting what I needed to drop for each of them took forever and I don't even want to know how that would've been like on a PVP server.
  6. Having done them all, not even the quest in point 2 can cost Desolace the title of worst zone in the game. The combination of monotone environment with quests that require you to run back and forth all over the place is just painful. It's just not a fun place to go and play for any large period of time.
  7. There's a quest hidden on the south coast of Azshara that's WoW's equivalent of a GNDN Conduit. You can fight off packs of Naga indefinitely 'cause the quest just keeps resetting: it's apparent related questline a savage victim of failure to implement. It also doesn't count towards the Loremaster achievement, so you're now forewarned to save the trip unless you want to see the poor stranded crew one last time before the Goblins come and kill them all.
  8. Places I never want to see again: Maraudon, Gnomer, U/LBRS, BRD. I suspect if I had played them new and taken the time to get to know them, I wouldn't mind. But, as is they're all too fracking huge for their own good and BRS is god awful twisty with a lot of blind turns and way too many ways to end up running in circles if you're not familiar with it.
  9. Because it can't be said enough: Friends don't let Friends run Gnomer.
  10. People will waste a hideous amount of time for a silly title.

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