Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MoP: Does Beta Archeology Still Suck?

No idea.

Here's the only thing I learnt from the Beta before realizing it was going to take too much of my time now to get a feel for it: the prof is still pretty much so only a max level prof. Perhaps when 5.2 hits and they go "oh, ok, now you can have heirloom Tomes of Pandaran Flight", it won't be but, for now, trying to grind arch while running all over the place ground-bound is just painful as you level.

So, knowing that I'd have to either level my Archeologist to 90 to be able to test properly (especially since the Lorewalker functions don't really become available until 89/90), or level Arch on my other 90 I'm gonna wait until some point in MoP to get around to addressing this; assuming I find time to get around to it at all. Just throwing that out there in case anyone's waiting for an update.

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