Monday, January 2, 2012

Rant: WTF is it Doing, Line Auditing the Code?

I've gotta take my laptop in 'cause there's a processor fan that definitely doesn't like being under load anymore and I'd really like to get at least 3-8 months more out of it. Soooooo, for giggles I'm like: "Lets see how WoW runs on this NetBook I've got in the meantime. Low res, AMD Graphics instead of Intel, who knows, maybe marginally playable...." Just to be safe, I'd started it running WindowsUpdate at about 23:15 local time.

It's now 1:37 and we're on patch 28 of 30 with the end nowhere in sight.

If I'm lucky, maybe it'll be done in the morning. Or it'll find more.

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