Sunday, June 19, 2011

CBC R3 Playlist: Summer Doldrums

It's been kinda dire for new stuff over the last few months. Much of what little I'm adding is coming in because it's kinda interesting or amuses me. Expect a fair bit of that to end up on the purge pile next time around...

Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire
Fembots - So Long
Cherry Chapstick - Silencer
The Skydiggers - Pull Me Down
Chow-Chow - Suits Like Animals
Young Galaxy - Searchlight
Greatest Explorers in the World - Hide and Seek
Parlovr - Pen To The Paper
Dinosaur Bones - Royalty
Pat LePoidevin - The Moonwolf Departure
Cripple Creek Fairies - Call In Sick

Aidan Knight - Knitting Something Nice
Sidney York - Dick & Jane
Hands & Teeth - Race To The End
Arkells - Pullin' Punches
J.J. Ipsen - DaDaDa
The Five Hole Band - (Thinking 'Bout Your) Five Hole (NSF Innuendo unfriendly Work environments)
Brasstronaut - Slow Knots
Gramercy Riffs - Call Me

As always, to be found over here.

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