Sunday, April 10, 2011

TLU: Desperation is NOT a Selling Point...

Friend: I don't know why you didn't like her, she was nice.
Me: If you lacked a third leg, I'm sure she was perfectly normal.
Friend: Come on...
Me: She tried to pick me up while I set up her computer account and fixed a couple things.
Friend: So? What's wrong with that?
Me: Her idea of a good opener was to ask if you'd also cried when you turned 30 and weren't married. She then proceeded to go over, in detail, how depressing she found this.

Then, she asked me to a movie.

I might be notoriously oblivious, but even I'll notice the big flashing Acme "Stop!" sign when the lead lemming runs directly past it on the way to the ledge.

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