Sunday, November 28, 2010

RftP: Love and Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs is your prototypical "two broken people find true love with each other" dramedy with the caveat that it's got lots of sex scenes and nudity. In that sense, it's perhaps the world's most optimum date flick because you're going to get lots of opportunity to check out Anne Hathaway or Jake Gyllenhaal in their birthday suits depending on your personal preference. Or not, depending on how competitive/possessive/puritanical you or your SO are.

There's some good scenes here and, even when they're laying around naked just talking, Hathaway and Gyllenhaal play off each other well but the funniest thing is just how much the PR has avoided the fact that, when you go to see this, you're going to see naked people. You are. While groins stay effectively covered, everything else is in play at some point during this film as we get plenty of, well, "tasteful" at least (post-)coital nudity. Best be prepared for that.

Getting back to the plot, our broken people are a combo of an early onset Parkinson's patient (Hathaway), and the family underachiever (Gyllenhaal), with the former trying to simply get through life now that she believes normalcy is gone and the later burning out gloriously working sales jobs - his latest being as a Pharmaceutical Rep - whilst fucking his way through the staff/clientele as a means to get ahead - or simply off. So, we also get some commentary on Parkinson's treatment/life and "Big Pharma" sales tactics as we cruise though the plot.

Otherwise, it sticks to the genre conventions and doesn't really do anything you can't see coming down the pipe if you've ever seen any other movie of it's type. It's a movie you see to score points with the significant other as long as they're not the type who's going to ream you out as soon as the breasts/abs come out.

There's some other stuff out this weekend I wanna see but will have to wait until the week for me to catch up with.

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