Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things You Learn: At a Free Metric Concert.

1) Oh, you poor, poor, Samsung Rep. You sold yourself good and hard on the idea you could rub some of the "Cool" off on ya didn't ya? Yeah... The first five minutes of this are exactly why doing things like this are risky 'cause most of the people there are just there for the concert and you're a) in the way of that and b) trying to sell things.

To fans of an Indie Band.

Good luck with that, as the Boos and chants for the band throughout your ramble attested.

PS: You had a crowd sitting there from at least 6:00 and you ravished them with.... Banners attached to the stage? Really? Talk about your wasted opportunities...

2) God, I love the opening to Black Sheep. Just need to decide if I wanna raid the Pilgrim soundtrack by song to get it or get the whole thing - a question whose likely answer lies in just how bad/good the "band" songs are.

3) Tall guys will let short girls in front of them so they can see the stage! Chivalry isn't dead...

4) .... especially when it lets you spend the next few minutes looking down her shirt, ogling her ass, and slipping each other subtle high fives/massive grins. To be fair to the guys though, she was damned cute. Good call.

5) Emily Haines is a compressed coil of energy waiting to explode. She also looks like Envy Adams. Just saying.

6) "Best" viewing positions: the hood of the CP24 van. Random limbs of trees across the street.

7) Worst viewing positions: the wall over the stairs down to the subway... Yeah, those stairs are not going to be comfortable if you fall...

8) Fuck, that was a high energy set. It's not surprising they do so well 'cause, for a rock band, everything they do is surprisingly dance inducing....

9) People don't know how to get an encore anymore. Interesting fact: it doesn't involve watching the band walk off and then hopefully staring at the stage while the crew tears it down.





It probably didn't help that folks heard Stadium Love cranking up and began working their way towards the subway to try and avoid the mob either.

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