Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Infodump: Troubleshooting

  1. Is your Macbook Pro behaving as if the Left Click is always on? If yes, proceed to:

  2. Does your trackpad not click anymore; behaving as if there's a huge dead spot in the middle and only responding on the absolute corners? If yes, proceed to...

  3. Is the undercover pushing away from the body? If yes, try removing cover, remove battery.

  4. Replace cover. Do not replace battery.

  5. Is your trackpad clicking/behaving normally now? If yes, proceed to

  6. Is the OS still behaving as if the Left Click is on? If no, proceed to...

  7. Your battery is likely defective, bulging, and applying pressure on the underside of the trackpad; compressing it and simulating a click. Do not continue to use battery: take the laptop in for confirmation and replace immediately (preferably under warranty).

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